Pumping station Skenderaj, Watersupply Company Mitrovice, Kosovo

Design, development, implementation and programming of a SCADA system for water supply of a city. The system contains 200kW and 400kW pumps, sosftstarters, transformer, electrical distribution system, automation, SCADA system...

Filter station “Z.K.Pelagonija” Bitola

Design and execution of a command system for water supply containing PLC M241, touch screen control, inverters...

Security systems for work safety “Wabtec MZT” Skopje

Integration of coded magnetic safety switches and relays on existing machines

Energy management system "Konti Hidroplast" Gevgelija

Energy management system for monitoring of all electrical units and conditions in the grid, and problem identification and monitoring in the system

Waste water control system

Design and execution of a measurement system for control of waste water in a open trench with “Cipoletii” cascade, ultrasonic sensor, PLC and touch screen with remote monitoring and control

Water treatment system for "Nefrology" at the State Hospital Clinic Center Skopje

Design and implementation of water treatment system for dialysis composed of PLC Twido, touch screen control, temperature and pressure measurement based control, inverter for maintaining the pressure in the pipeline