Our services are based on human protection, energy efficiency, reliability. Our goal is to offer quality of your investment.

Project solutions


  • water treatment and purification
  • industrial automation
  • process analysis
  • remote control and process visualization (SCADA systems)
  • preparation and execution of analysis, reports and charts

Low voltage distribution systems according to IEC standards

  • design and execution of primary and secundary low voltage distribution systems up to 6300A

Medium voltage distribution systems

  • Medium voltage distribution systems for power supply up to 50kV
  • Medium voltage protection (calculations and settings)
  • Automation of medium voltage distribution systems i.e. Smart grid
  • Medium voltage solutions for motors (inverters, soft-starters, protection)

Energy efficiency solutions

  • analysis of current consumption of electrical power
  • data collection, storage, analysis, reports and whole solutions for energy efficiency
  • hourly based reports of power consumption
  • analysis and solutions for optimization of capital investment
  • analysis and solutions for improvement of the usability factor


  • design and execution of tailored made software for energy efficiency according to client needs

ECO systems

  • our company is certified for analysis, design and execution of charging systems for electrical vehicles
  • standard Charging (designed for shopping malls, residential objects, public parking facilities)
  • fast Charging (designed for public parking facilities, gas stations)


  • design of project tasks, projects and technical documentation



  • sales of equipment in the areas of electrical industry
  • low voltage distribution equipment
  • medium voltage equipment
  • home use final distribution equimpment