The CFW100 is a an extremely small, high performance variable speed drive for three-phase induction motors suitable for manufacturers of small machines. It features selectable scalar (V/F) or voltage vector (VVW) control, HMI, and Plug & Play philosophy for fast and simple accessory installation. It also offers SoftPLC, which adds the functionalities of PLC to the drive, and free programming and monitoring software applications.

The CFW300 variable speed drive is a high-performance VSD for three-phase induction motors, ideal for applications on machines or equipment that require precise control and easy operation.It features compact size, contactor-style electrical instalation, selectable WEG vector control (VVW) or scalar control (V/F), built-in operating interface (HMI), SoftPLC, free WPS programming software and plug-in accessories that may be added to provide extended functionalities, making it a flexible solution of excellent cost effectiveness.

With a modern design and power ranging from 0.25 to 75 cv, the CFW500 frequency inverter is a high performance variable speed drive, which assists in controlling speed and torque of three-phase induction motors. The device offers sensorless vector, vector with encoder or scalar control modes, permanent magnet motor control, SoftPLC, which adds PLC (Programmable Logic Controller) functions, STO and SS1 Safety Functions, Pump Genius, which brings dedicated pumping functions, and selectable plug-in modules, providing a flexible and optimized solution for any application.

General purpose applications require everything in the same Drive. The CFW700 covers power levels from 1.1 to 132kW (1.5 to 150 HP).

One of the main focus for WEG Drives is have a robust product for general purpose applications. The CFW700 is a hight performance product with torque and speed control.

With high technology for control of three-phase induction motors and permanent magnets synchronous motors – Magnet, the CFW11 Series achieves the performance increase for the most complex drive systems. Design exclusive for industrial or professional use, the CFW11 presents many innovations adding significant benefits to customers, a lot for its simplicity of installation and operation, based in the Plug-and-Play philosophy also allowing simple and quick installation of its accessories.

The CFW501 inverter line has been developed with dedicated features for HVAC-R applications. With compact size and special functions for this market, it is the ideal solution for pumps and fans, and can be used in shopping centers, hospitals, hotels, airports or similar.

The HVAC-R market deserves a dedicated and complete Drive. The CFW701 covers power levels from 1.1 to 132 kW (1.5 to 175 HP).

A Decentralized solution brings independence for all applications.The MW500 covers power levels from 1.1 to 7.5 kW (1.5 to 10 HP).

It is an innovative technological solution used to drive three-phase induction motors, with the option of installation in self-supporting conditions in clean, ventilated or air-conditioned electrical rooms. The APW11 was designed to offer a solution that enables to streamline the physical space providing simple installation and operation. In addition, when uses in combination with the CFW11 frequency inverter, it incorporates the resources, special functions, hardware and software characteristics of such inverter, providing a compact, robust and flexible solution.

The APW11 can be supplied on a panel with degree of protection IP20/IP21 with CFW11 (sizes E, F or G), built-in fuse and switch-disconnector or as assembly kits.

It is a drive solution for three-phase induction motors assembled on electrical panel with built-in CFW11 frequency inverter.Its design, manufacture and assembly count on WEG’s experience, quality assurance, safety and excellent cost-effectiveness.

Two choices available, compact model – AFW11C – (mounted on panel with compact size) or standard model – AFW11 – (mounted on standard size panel), providing convenience and flexibility. They can be mounted with the available optional accessories, according to the application needs.

The AFW11M, commonly referred to as “modular drive”, was developed for mounting on a modular structure, and it is available to supply high output currents with the choice of specification according to the application needs.

They are supplied in the versions with air-cooled heatsink (AFW11M) or water-cooled heatsink (AFW11W), using the new generation of modular inverters CFW11M / CFW11W, in the voltages of 380 to 690 V, with input rectifier in six pulses, twelve pulses or regenerative.

The third generation of the MVW01 offers power arms with a new cooling system and an electric panel with a new design of thermal dissipation that allows a greater range of power output when compared to the previous version.

The MVW01 third generation also introduces the new HMI touch screen that provides the operator an easy interaction to program the drive, access and read the parameters, configure  the exhibition mode (letters size, idioms, colors, etc.), create graphics and also, by means of pop-up windows, see text messages as alarms, trips, error log, help, etc.

Applied for a wide range of industrial applications that require variable speed control, such as compressors, pumps, fans, conveyor belts, mills, etc. or to start high power motors (synchronous or asynchronous).

The MVW01 third generation is an efficient and reliable solution that not only enables process speed control but also provides energy savings and reduced operating / maintenance costs.

WEG introduces the new MVW3000 Medium Voltage Variable Speed Drive. With an easy-to-use HMI, which follows the same programming concept used by the LV line, the MVW3000 is perfect for a wide range of industrial applications that require speed variation, such as compressors, pumps, fans, conveyor belts and mills.

For new installations or retrofits, the MVW3000 is an efficient and robust solution to control the speed and streamline the process, reducing energy consumption and maintenance costs.